Hi Everyone ,  My name is Delia here is a little history about myself

As of Aug of this 2017 I had worked in the

Health Care Industry for 28 years

I am now Semi Retired and moving on to my

Passion of provided Reiki for my clients .

I have seen amazing results , in helping

each new client that has come forward

in reducing stress , to pain control , well

being , cancer care , Ms ,  Relaxation

Great benefits for Mind , body ,and Soul


I have been providing my services since 2014

Helping Clients with Reiki for Mind Body and Soul

I have worked on over 700 clients and its only

Growing .  I have taken my Reiki Classes With Receiving all levels at becoming a Reiki Master and as of May of 2019 have completed My Holy Fire 111 Karuna Reiki  Master

  I also provide Reiki for healing for our Earth

Angels our pets. ex: cats and dogs .

As of July /20 I now provide IET Integrate Energy Therapy heartLink with our Angels quite a blessing and because our Angels know us personally they know how to help us Heal by Releasing Old Thought Memories patterns . This is a wonderful addition to my services .

I am Located at 2 Dolomite Ave

Stonewall, MB, Canada

off Hwy 67

Contact Delia 204 461-2130

2 Dolmite Ave Stonewall,MB