Hi my name is Suzanne,

I have a few health issues in the past years.

One of my issues has been dealing with Kidney stones.

I have had to have3 at least four procedures done to get rid of my stones.

Two surgeries, medication to dissolve them and ultrasound waves to break them up so that they would pass.

In the last 2 years, I have had a kidney stone that was too big to pass, but considered too small for doctors to do a procedure.  My Kidney stone does not bother me at all times.  It seems to come and in spurts, When I was bothered by it, the pain was severe and I could hardly function.  These bouts of pain were thankfully not that often enough.

I Have been going to the specialist; he takes ex-rays to see if it has grown in size or if I suffer a lot with it.  He has always left the decision up to me whether I wanted it removed or not.  I have had enough surgeries in my life, so I opted out of any procedures, figuring I could live with the pain when it does come along.

My last appointment was booked for Aug 23,2013 And I was really looking forward to the appointment because the kidney stone had been acting up for 2 weeks non-stop and I couldn't take it anymore.

I figured when I went to the specialist ,I would tell him I was ready to do something about it because of the severity of the pain.

Delia who happens to be my sister came for a visit for a couple of days. I had a lot of pain and was 2 days away from my specialist appointment.

She did a Reiki session on me before she left for home. I was feeling a little better, and the pain was subsiding, I went to see specialist and had a x-ray done as usual . When he called me into his office, I explained that the pain was severe for over two weeks but had started to go away. He could not understand why I had the pain . He then told me that the x-ray was clear. That there was NO KIDNEY STONE.  I was shocked; my stone was there 6 months earlier. But I was surprized and grateful to

Delia Clement because I know the Reiki Session got rid of the stone for me.  I no longer have pain and discomfort that I had ,had for over 2 years. I am very grateful for Delia's visit and Session.

Thank You very much Delia.

Suzanne Forest

I have been seeing Delia for a few sessions

and can't believe how great I feel after a session.

I come home relaxed and ready to take on whatever comes my way.

I feel at peace with myself and can't wait for my next session.

Thanks Delia

Cathy Peden