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Get to Know Delia Clement

Delia Clement has always been attracted to card readings, energy healing sessions and helping others. It was no surprise that in August 2017 after retiring from the Health Care Industry after over 28 years of service, she followed her passion of providing Reiki for her clients. "I have seen amazing results, in helping each new client that has come forward in reducing stress, for pain management , well being, cancer care, Multiple Sclerosis,  and Relaxation. - Delia".


Guiding Light Services was born in 2014, serving Stonewall, Manitoba and surrounding areas, and the rest of the world through phone and virtual sessions. Delia is passionate about helping clients using Reiki for Mind, Body, and Soul. Now, with experience from over 700 clients, our healing practices has only started growing.













With previously completing all her levels and becoming a Certified Reiki Master in May of 2019, Delia continued with her training and is now a certified  Holy Fire 111, Karuna Reiki Master.

In July 2020, Delia was able to continue her education and added a new modality to her services. She is fully trained in and offers Integrate Energy Therapy (IET) HeartLink with our Angels. "This is quite a blessing since our Angels know us personally, they know how to help us Heal by Releasing Old Thought Memories patterns - Delia" . 

Also being certified in Animal Healing, Delia can provide Reiki for healing for our Earth Angels, our pets. Please inquire for more information, details and treatments for your cats and dogs .

Photo of Delia holding a certificate for advance level in Integrated Energy Therapy
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