Feb 21/2016

This is for a testimonial for my very dear friend Delia Clement.

This girl did a few Reiki treatments on me when I was going through Chemo & Radiation treatments.

I was not in a very good place when she started treatments on me, but when she was through I felt so much better, Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I really found it rather hard to believe.

I basically sailed through my chemo treatments only feeling tired& lost my hair. Radiationwas a lot harder, but due too a few more treatments from Delia, I got through 27 Radiation treatments and I am now Cancer Free .

I know I couldn't have made it without Delia

Arlene Sinclair

Feb 3/2016

I have had the pleasure of having a mini Reiki Session in person with Delia, as well as a distance session.  I can tell you they were both equally successful ! Both were extremely relaxing, so much that I was able to fall alsleep! What I learned from each
Session was bang on with what I was going through at the time.

I highly recommend giving Reiki , and Delia., a try! You won't be disappointed!


Sept 4/ 2017

I will definitely be returning for a session with Delia!

I have known her for many many years and have only great things to say about her business.  Her dedication and compassion to help other is outstanding.

Myself I suffer from very bad anxiety.

Everyday is a struggle, From fatigue, constantly over thinking, clenching, breathing problems ie. holding my breath .

Always thinking something bad is going to happen in every scenario.

I have all intensions of going back for more sessions.

My first session with her I was so impressed.

It to me was  a miracle.

I had my first week of no racing thoughts, it was like a calm had come over me.  I could finally get a good night's sleep as well. 

It truly works and I am amazed.

Thanks Delia!

I will be back! xoxoxo

The Only Requirements For Reiki Is


Feb 20/ 2016

Fr: Ben Schindle

Re: Reiki Session with Delia Clement

I had my first session Reiki session last summer with Delia

I went to her with stiff shoulders and neck

which is very common. We had the session outside off her deck on a great summer day.

The forty min went by way to quick I could have stayed for Hrs if I had time.

It felt great and was so relaxing I could b barely  stay awake. Felt totally great after that session for several weeks .

Need to go back Soon.

Great Job Delia

Ben Schindle

Feb 3,2016

I have received Reiki Treatments from

Guiding Light Services and felt that the treatments were very beneficial.

 I would recommend anyone to try at least one treatment and decide for themselves, the positive effective, these treatments have on your overall wellness.


Oct/ 15

I was diagnosed with a small lesion on the

right side of my brain, which sometimes leaves me feeling very fatigued with musle aches numbness and dizzy spells sometimes having double vision.

Delia suggested I have a few Reiki sessions

I couldn't believe how good I felt after the sessions were over, my aches and pains were gone and felt more energized and relaxed.

Thanks a Million Delia

Sincerely Charlene Harrigan

I have experienced Reiki on 4 different , occasions three times by long distance, and once in person.

when I had my first session I really didn't know what to expect. I mean really!!

How was Delia going to be able to find me over 80 kms away!  But she did.  She had told me what to do to prepare for the session and when she was going to start.

There I lay, relaxed and waiting . All of a sudden I felt as though I was floating, What an amazing sensation!  On my last session, which was in person, I felt an extra set of hands on me.

On each of my sessions I had different sensations and in the morning I always feel regenerated, both mentally and Physically.